What are your top interview tips?

How do I handle the interview itself?

One of the most common things our Interview Coaching Clients ask is; ‘What are your top interview tips?’ ‘Can you give me some general hints and advice on how handle the interview?'

We get asked questions ranging from how to prepare for the interview, how to answer questions and how to negotiate salary But without doubt most focus on the format of the interview itself.

Interview format

This section covers the time when you are actually in the building, waiting to be called to when you are sitting in front of the interview panel.

Click here for our interview essentials, the do's and don'ts of how to approach the interview itself

If you want to find more about the interview format and the likely sequence of questions the answers are here.

We have known clients who feel that going for an interview is like facing a firing squad. A little extreme maybe but many of our clients feel great trepidation about going for an interview.

Believe it or not you are not alone. Being interviewed is one of the most common workplace fears. If this sounds like you we have a section on tips for handling interview nerves.

First impressions really do count

Many of our Interview Coaching clients are well aware of the importance of first impressions including what to wear at interview.

We have advice on how to dress for success.

Read the tricks of the trade in relation to interview etiquette including interview do's and donts Interviewees also need to be savvy on body language and the secrets of creating rapport.

Judging by our clients’ feedback we are 100% sure our Interview Tips on how to manage the interview make a real difference.

Don't forget to end the interview gracefully.....

And finally, we admit hardly anyone asks us how to leave the interview. Understandably the main time and effort goes into the upfront preparation and the interview itself.

However there are also some tried and tested strategies for ending the interview and leaving the interviewers with a positive lasting impression.

You don’t want to get it right for 99% of the interview and then blow it as you make your exit.

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