Ending the Interview

Is there a good way of ending the interview?

Ending the interview is admittedly something we rarely get asked about.

All the worry and preparation goes into the first impression and answering the interview questions. But all this effort can easily be undone if you end up scurrying out of the room, relieved it’s all over, dropping your papers as you go.

Exiting the interview in a positive, professional manner will reinforce all the good work you have done during the interview.

Personally I found this tip to be one of the most helpful when I went for a job I really wanted. I was prepared for a positive exit, made eye contact, said thank you, that I was pleased to meet them and looked forward to working with them. I did get the job!

Ending the interview. Here are our tips:

  • Aim to get out of the room gracefully
  • Gather your belongings before you get up
  • Check to make sure you haven’t left anything behind. To have to go back into the room because you’ve forgotten something just has to be the most embarrassing thing ever!
  • Get up –when you are invited to leave by the interviewer
  • Smile, make eye contact and say ‘thank you-it is nice to meet you’. Keep the present tense (not ‘it was nice to meet you’)
  • If appropriate offer your hand and shake theirs positively. Remember to smile and make eye contact
  • If you really do want the job and it has gone well you can also add ‘if I was to be offered the job I would definitely be interested’
  • Do not say ‘I’m glad that’s over’ or words to that effect
  • Do not say ‘I hope you find the right person for the job’
  • Do not linger- you'll look desperate
  • Stay on your best behaviour until you out of the building and out of sight
  • Say only positive things to anyone who asks. They may be part of the interviewers assessment team.
  • Ending the interview is important as it will leave a lasting impression. As you close the door and leave the interviewers will most likely look at each other and smile or shake their heads. The decision may already be made.

    A positive ending can only work in your favour.

    Even if you do not get the job you will survive with your reputation in tact