About Julie Sanders

Interview coach & author of this website

My name is Julie Sanders, I am the author of www.interview-questions-answered.net
and I am delighted to welcome you to my site. I hope I will be able to assist you in achieving interview success and landing the job of your dreams!

If you want help with your interview, maybe you need some practice or you have an issue you want to talk over you can contact me directly. You can book a session via this link Interview Coaching

Here is a little about myself and answer some of your questions.

What qualifies you to provide advice on interview questions?

After qualifying at Manchester University as a teacher I have spent my working life working in the Careers Service, Job Centres and in HR departments notably within the NHS, The University of Warwick and the Prison Service.

This gave me a fantastic grounding in the employment market generally, the role and requirements of HR recruitment departments and the concerns of anyone seeking a job or progression in their career.

Along the way I became qualified to in designing & running Assessment Centres through Saville and Holdsworth, the leaders in their field. The role of Behavioural or Competency-Based interviews as part of an Assessment Centre has proved to be valuable to many of my Coaching Clients

Later I trained as a Life Coach which led me from working face-to-face with clients to providing Interview Coaching by telephone helping clients from all corners of the globe.

I have been involved in the design and delivery of Leadership Development Programmes for over 30 years more recently specialising in confidence coaching, presentation skills and career planning

I have conducted hundreds of coaching sessions for people from the most senior to the most junior, for jobs ranging from entry level to senior executive positions in blue chip, public sector & SMEs

If you have any interview questions you want answered you can contact me by email.

I now work as a Coach with the CV Centre which has proved to be a very rewarding role. I like the ethos of the company in providing excellent CV Writing Services and Interview Coaching but keeping fees affordable so we can help people from all walks of life. I have been helped and been inspired by the many clients I have worked with. Some of their stories are on this site, identities disguised of course.

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Here is a sample of some of the corporate clients I’ve had the privilege of working with:

  • The NHS
  • The Prison Service
  • The University of Warwick
  • The CV Centre
  • National Grid
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Fred Olsen
  • PGA
  • Job Centre
  • Careers Service UK
  • Jaguar Cars
  • Landrover
  • Parcelforce
  • CPL Fuels

My qualifications:

  • B.Ed (2i) with honours (Manchester University)
  • Professional Diploma in Coaching: The Coaching Academy
  • NVQ Level 4 in Human Resource Development
  • Diploma of the Institute of Health Service Managers (MHSM)
  • Training of Trainers Certificate (NHS)
  • Designing & Running of Assessment Centres (Saville & Holdsworth)

Why did you create the site?

What sparked the idea for this site was my experience of witnessing numerous candidates over the years coming on my career development courses, keen to progress, but lacking the confidence to put themselves forward for interview.

Some were so nervous that any notion of performing well at the interview was unlikely. Others were putting a huge amount of effort and energy into looking for a job, but then spending hardly any time preparing for the most important moment in the job search - the interview.

There is an enormous mystery around interviews and many people regard them as a dreadful ordeal believing the sole aim of the interviewer is to catch them out and find reasons not to employ them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It was the person who had got things totally out of perspective referring to the interview as a firing squad that led me to set up this site.

I realised that job seekers only go to a handful of interviews in their lifetime, most never work in an HR department and never get to see the recruitment process from the other side. This means that although they can easily do the job they are applying for they lack insight & experience to put this across in an interview.

My site provides job seekers with practical, common sense information on interview questions & answers.This should reduce nerves and ensure effective preparation.

What’s the goal of the site?

The goal of the site is to provide the interviewee with the right knowledge, tools and techniques, to greatly improve their ability to answer interview questions and achieve interview success.

It also provides a link into our Coaching Services as the written word can only go so far. You may need to practice your interview technique with a qualified person

I'm trained to help you with your concerns and advise you how to give great answers that will impress the interviewer. I can also do this quickly helping keep within your budget limit. 30 minutes is often enough, sometimes 60 will be more effective. But leaving your practice until the interview itself is probably going to be too late. You may blow your chances for the job of your dreams.

Click here to find out about The CV Centre’s Coaching Services Any final tips?

Sadly candidates that perform best during the interview are not always the ones who are best qualified for the position. It is the person that understands their skills and strengths in relation to the job requirements and knows how to sell their talent to the employer who gets hired.

The information on this site reveals all the insider tips I have acquired in my career and is all free. You can follow the links to resources that will help, you can take a look at Coaching Services and you can even email for some free advice by using the contact form.

With the correct preparation and practice you will be the confident, relaxed candidate whose answers seem to just flow on the day. The interview is your chance to shine and an opportunity to participate in an amazing experience - amazing interviews often lead to amazing job opportunities!

The site is being continuously updated, so keep checking back for new material that will help you. If you have any suggestions for improving the site I would love to hear from you, you can contact me via the contact form on the home page.

I would like to say a huge thank you for visiting this site, I hope you find the information on this site useful and above all, I hope it helps you get the job of your dreams!

Wishing you every success in your job search


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