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How to prepare & deliver great interview answers

On this site you will find plenty of help for preparing and delivering interview answers.

You will find lots of useful information on the page What Employers are Looking For? This page looks at the interview from the interviewers point of view. Getting into the interviewers shoes and understanding their needs as well as their worries and concerns will help you empathise with the interviewer and gain that important rapport. Understanding what interviewers are looking for will help you frame your answers in the most positive, reassuring way you can.

Our page on Professional Behaviours and Behavioural Interviews lists the qualities all interviewers look for. Making sure you weave examples of these behaviours as well as displaying the behaviour at the interview will also work in your favour.

If you click here you will find Example Answers. We will show you how to build your own answers using some of our key phrases that you can adapt to suit your own style.

In Competency Based, or Behavioural Interviews you are commonly asked to provide examples of your experience. If you

click here you will find tips on using examples effectively.

We also get asked about what questions to ask the interviewer? Click here for a list of Safe Questions to ask the interviewer.

We have free information on Sample Answers. so you can get an idea of what the experts suggest. (Be warned using anyone else’s script should only be used by professional actors!) They are great as they give a flavour of how to answer questions from the most straightforward to the tough

In the end though, you have to answer interview questions in your own way, in your own words. The scripts can only ever be a guide. However we have a Model Answer Technique to help you prepare your own interview answers.
It is easy to follow, easy to remember and will help you prepare your answers.

And if this information isn’t quite enough we have links to:-

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