Answering interview questions using our model answer guide

Using our tried and tested model answer format you will be able to answer any interview questions successfully.

It is a useful model to have at the back of your mind when actually sitting in the interview chair with the interviewer in front of you. You can structure your answer around this model without it sounding like a script.

It is such a practical model it will come naturally with just a little bit of practice.

At this stage it would also be useful to review our page on what interviewers and employers are looking for.

For further ideas including example answers and useful phrases.
This is our basic model:-

WAIT for the interviewer to speak


Carefully. What are they asking?


Quickly. What do they want to hear from you?


What, from all your experience, background and skills is most relevant to their question?


Start your answer on a positive note ‘That’s interesting, ‘That’s a a good question’, ‘Yes I have that experience‘, ‘ Of course’, ’ I agree’. Remembering to smile as you speak will sound cheerful and positive


The interviewer doesn’t want to take a risk so reassure them. Don’t brag but saying ‘Yes I am used to that’, ‘Yes I can do that’, ‘That would be fine’, ‘I’m a quick learner’ is going to help reassure the interviewer. If you don’t reassure them, lets face it, no one else is going to do it for you.


Linked to the above. Use examples that link closely to the job on offer. Draw parallels, point out similarities. Show them how your experience will ensure your will do the job successfully.


it is so easy to get to end of your answer and just stop. If you can just summarise your answer in a few words and end the answer on a positive note that would be better. You could even ask if you have answered their question!

Using this model answer guide you will not only answer the questions effectively you will also demonstrate great communication skills, essential to any job.

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