Interview Question Basics; Can I Get the Job?

One of the most common interview question basics is simply ‘Can I Get This Job’ followed by 'How Can I Get this Job?'

The answer is ‘yes, of course you can get the job'. We’re here to help you prepare for and give a confident, professional interview which in turn we hope will lead to a job offer.

You’ll have to do the work of course, but we’re going to guide you with the not only the interview question basics but also the best tips & techniques around.We can also offer Personal Interview Coaching if you need it.

We’ll be with you all the way.

If you have been invited for an interview, you are already in a good position to get the job. And luckily most other candidates will not even know the interview basics or be preparing their interview answers like you will be. Knowing how to answer the interviewer's questions and how to get the job will be a huge advantage

Any interviewer will tell you that most people have not prepared nearly well enough for their interview. Not even the basics. It almost always shows and the result is rejection i.e. no job offer. They do not get the job.

The good news for you is that lack of preparation and not knowing the interview question basics means some of the competition will already have ruled themselves out.

You will be alongside those that have taken time & trouble to prepare their answers. Anyone from this group can get the job and it might as well be you.

This page is called Interview Question Basics but don’t be put off or move onto the hard stuff just yet. It has several important questions that will encourage your thinking and set you on your way.

We are going to answer all your interview questions on our other pages but first if you don’t mind, we have some questions for you. Take your time to answer them. As simple as they are they will help you get focussed, save you precious time and most importantly help you get the job.

Interview Questions Basics: Is this Job Right for You?

1. Can You Do the Job?

2. Do You Want the Job?

3. Does the Job have Your Name on It?

4. Are you prepared to do the work necessary to give a brilliant interview and stand out from the other candidates?

If the answer to any of these is ‘no’ then we must ask you if there is really any point in going further. You can waste a lot of time, energy and effort being interviewed for

  • a job you are not interested in,
  • a job you don’t think you’ll be able to do
or worse
  • a job that is almost certainly going to be offered to someone else

You also increase you chances of putting yourself up to be rejected. Not most people’s idea of a good feeling. The idea of this site is to boost your confidence, not demolish it.It is be hard work to prepare for a job that was never going to be yours in the first place so before proceeding be honest with yourself.

We recommend you only pitch for jobs that are yours for the taking (or a reasonable risk).

If you have answered ‘No’ to the questions above take a little time to discover more about your motivation for going for this interview by clicking here.

Otherwise you are ready to move off the Interview Question Basics page. We suggest you click 'Interviewers Questions'next to discover 'What Are Employers Looking For?'.

Alternatively go to any of the pages on this site, reading the information and doing the preparation we suggest.

You hope you will find all your interview questions answered.

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